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Diabetic Foot Care in Irving, TX

Diabetic Foot Care in Irving, TX

How Does Diabetes Affect Feet?

Diabetes is a condition that slows or stops the production of insulin and impairs the body's ability to convert sugars, starches and other foods into energy. This condition brings with it the risk of a number of significant medical problems throughout the body, including in the heart, eyes and feet. Unfortunately, mismanaged diabetes can cause a diabetic to lose feeling in his or her feet. When this occurs, it becomes difficult to notice a small cut or blister on a foot, which can lead to further complications, including infection.

If you have diabetes, these common foot problems should be examined by a podiatric professional because they can lead to pain or infection:

Caring for your feet is an extremely important task, especially if you have diabetes. The following foot conditions are caused by lack of foot care and poor diabetes management:

  • Neuropathy : This condition impairs nerves and can cause a diabetic to lose feeling in his or her feet. Because of this, a small injury - even a blister or minor cut - can become a big problem in a short period of time.
  • Foot ulcer: This is an open sore or wound that is commonly located on the bottom of the foot.
  • Impaired blood flow: Reduced blood flow in the feet slows down or even prevents the healing of injuries.
  • Risk of infections: Infections caused by small injuries can lead to life-threatening conditions or even amputation.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When patients suffer complications from diabetes, they often turn to podiatric care for treatment. Podiatrists have the skill to both surgically and non-surgically repair the affected foot or feet. Treatment of a diabetic foot problem depends on the severity of the condition, but in addition to treating the condition, a podiatrist is an excellent resource for help with caring for the feet on a daily basis.

Patients typically find out they have diabetes from an endocrinologist or diabetes specialist. However, because diabetes affects many parts of the body, successful management requires a team approach. Your podiatrist will work closely with other caregivers to help manage diabetes.

It's critical to tell your podiatrist everything about your symptoms and medical history during your appointment. Once this is complete, your doctor will begin the physical examination . He or she will test for sensation in the feet and legs, and check for blood circulation in the feet. For a lower extremity wound or ulcer, the exam may involve examining the wound with a blunt probe to determine its depth. Minor surgical removal of the wound may be necessary to determine the severity of the condition.

Prevention Methods

Fortunately, proper diabetes management and careful foot care prevent complications before they happen. Managing diabetes means regularly attending medical exams, monitoring blood sugar levels, exercising and eating a balanced diet. Using the following home care tips helps patients with diabetes avoid serious complications:

  • Inspect feet daily.
  • Wash feet in lukewarm water.
  • Trim toenails carefully.
  • Avoid going barefoot.
  • Wear clean, dry socks.
  • Buy shoes that fit properly.
  • Schedule regular podiatric checkups.

People with diabetes must be fully aware of how to prevent complications before they occur, recognize problems early and seek the right treatment if problems occur. Although treatment for diabetic foot problems has improved, prevention remains the best way to avoid diabetic complications.

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